Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why I Like My Afton Shows

For a young artist booking comes as a fright. It is disheartening not knowing how to get into the venues you want to play, and as most people know booking most venues consists of 10+ emails that are never responded to plus when the one lucky one does receive a response it is usually a short impersonal denial. Luckily for us Afton Shows is always there as a knight in shining armor. A place where you can get paid to be booked at your favorite venues? A dream come true. We have played about 10 shows with them under different names and they have gotten us shows at The Masquerade and Red Light Cafe both in Atlanta, Georgia. The people that they have working for them are kind and easy to work with making sure that each person is able to get a fair deal on the ticket price and that the artist is not shorted money. So what are you waiting for, start booking with Afton Shows today and start playing your favorite venues in no time!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who am I?

My name is John.
I am a siren.
I am writing this blog because I decided that I wanted to talk to people, reach people outside of my realm. I hope that you all enjoy it.
I love writing poetry, and I love people. I play music, and listen to it non-stop. I think that it is magical really. I go to concerts whenever I can, and I love my family. I wanted to chronicle my life. I want to share with others some writings, some insight, some jokes, some chronicles.
If you are a person, contact me! My email is riseofsirens@gmail.com.

The boat exited the shore
All hands on deck.
And as the sea got deeper,
Each hand looked at each other.

On their faces were written
One question:
"Will we come back?"

The captain assured
The sailors of their
But a promise is only
As good as a prayer.

Muttered under his breath.

With his hand wrapped around
His rosary.

He prayed to Mary.

He prayed to Glory.

Swaying with the waves,
"Will we return?"

A promise is only
As good as a prayer.

-.The Siren's Chronicles.-